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Chesley, the film's director, has suffered from a mysterious post-viral illness for twenty five years. It took her ten years to get a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and then another five for Myalgic Ence and then another for ME/CFS. Now, it appears that COVID-19 Long Haulers have the same symptoms. 

The same set of symptoms are referred to as 'The Disease of a Thousand Names' for the constant naming and renaming of an illness. 

The adventure of a lifetime meets an epic global movement as filmmakers set out on a cross-country journey to rebrand 'The Disease of a Thousand Names' (leading name Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or M.E.) into a disease with one name. The timing could not be more critical as COVID-19 Long Haulers are suspected, not be suffering from a new disease, but one that has been chronicled, mischaracterized and misdiagnosed for centuries. Now, a staggering 43 million people in the United States are thought to be experiencing symptoms consistent 'The Disease of a Thousand Names' and an 8 million of them expected to be permanently disabled.


Without one name, those with M.E. (and other names) will continue be left behind and those with Long COVID will fail to benefit from pre-existing research. By exploring the landscape of personal stories across America from urban centers to rural towns and taking polls, the film's Director along with patients, scientists, activists, physicians and supporters 

unthreading the history, mystery and scandal around the disease with 


dive head first into the decades-old labyrinth of history, mystery and scandal growing exponentially to reimagine a new name for the disease. what a new name could mean as a part of a growing shadow movement to illuminate an injustice and bring hope to millions. join forces with scientists, activists, physicians, patients and supporters

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